Opening Times

Morning Session 8.45 am until 1.00 pm Afternoon Session 1.15 pm until 5.30 pm

The centre is open Monday to Friday.

Pre-bookable early morning sessions run from 8.15 am - 8.45 am, which is at an extra charge.

Children booked in for full day care will be charged for two sessions only. No extra charge will be made for the break between the sessions.

Please ensure that your child(ren) is collected preferably just before the session ends. Parents who are late in collecting their child(ren) will be charged.

There is a minimum booking of two sessions per week per child

Extra Sessions

Additional sessions over and above your booked sessions can be requested from the main office. You will be advised of their availability upon your request or alternatively a senior member of staff will advise you at a later date.

Term Dates

Term Dates for 2013/14 are:-

  • 27th August until 20th December 2013
  • 6th January until 11th April 2014
  • 23rd April until 22nd August 2014

Term Dates for Undergraduate bookings are:- 

  • 7th October until 13th December 2013
  • 13th January until 28th March 2014
  • 28th April 27th June 2014

The Pre-School Centre will be closed on 6th and 26th May 2014 for Bank Holidays.